FAQ – Weddings at Vecchio Castagno

  • Do you serve only one wedding a day?

Yes, we serve one wedding only a day (by area). As a matter of fact, in the estate, which is arranged on an area of 100,000 square meters, there are two big zones with two halls: Hall of pool and Sala del Castagno.

Each of the two rooms is independent of the other because it has a separate entrance and parking area, about 1km far, own kitchen, area for aperitif, dinner and dancing and green totally autonomous.

In each room there is served one wedding per day only. Customers of the two rooms are very distant each others, so the not disturbing each others and therefore this setting guarantees the maximum exclusivity to each of them.

  • What are the hours of availability of the venue?

This issue is applied only to services at weddings. First, it should be emphasized that in our restaurant only one wedding per day (by area / room) is served, so guests are not sent out straight away after the event because other customers are coming. However we have fixed a reasonable: for lunch at 19 stops the music and at 20 people can start to leave the room, for dinner at midnight stop to the music and within the hours 00:30 to 1:00 you can leave the area.

You can –but only for lunch- stay longer in agreement with the management and the payment of an extra fee.

  • How are appetizers, first courses, etc served? are they already on plates or served by tray? Will you do the “encores”? Wines and drinks are at will or on consumption?

Obviously the service depends on the type of menu chosen. Usually, however, we do a mixed service: the appetizers are already on plates (at least half) and the rest is served by tray (service in French style).

The pasta dishes are always served by tray, while the main courses and desserts can be divided in the room, both for the service already on plates and for the service in the French style. The courses are very generous and always there is time for the “encore”. Wines and drinks are left on the table and replaced as they are consumed limitless (unless to dangerous excesses).

  • How is the timing of a service?

The timing of a service depends on the menu. For a full menu, on average, we must consider two and a half hours to three hours from when you sit down, including about 30 minutes breaks (music, etc )

  • Information about table dressing: type of tablecloths, placemats, etc.

In the swimming pool room: imperial oval tables with 12 seats max (size 220 × 120) and tablecloths ecru or sage green (or a combination there of).

In the hall of the chestnut tree: oval tables with 12 seats max (size 245 × 90) or round 9-seater max (diameter measures 165) and white tablecloths, salmon, or ecru.

  • Can you think about the whole organization of the event for a complete service, from flowers to music?

Yes, we can and we can address you to professional and reliable agents.

  • Do you apply offers or discounts?

Regarding the wedding service, facilities and offers are provided for those with a large number of guests, who choose to periods prior to Easter, the months of August or mid-October onwards, and non-holidays.

  • At the restaurant Vecchio Castagno is it possible to eat outside of organized groups / weddings and / or carte menu?

In a general way, no. However, there are special occasions (eg Christmas, Easter, Easter Monday, etc) in which the restaurant is not already exclusively booked and it is open also to small groups, as such as anniversaries, baptism, first holy communions and confirmation parties.