Rates – Tenuta Vecchio Castagno

As a customized service, the prices depend on many factors:

  • Type of event, eg. weddings or other celebrations or occasions, and therefore the type of service required, the commitment and time that the premise remains available to customers
  • Number of guests and specific date: month and day of year
  • Time of booking: when the booking is done in advance we can agree on possible changes of the original conditions set in order to avoid any mutual surprise, when the booking is done last minute in response to the limited availability of dates it is possible to obtain conditions generally more advantageous
  • menu: type and number of courses, wines, special services such buffet greeting, open bar, etc.
  • the ancillary services required: for the wedding services our prices include everything except floral decorations and music services.

If such services were requested the costs will be discussed. The restaurant deals with the printing of menu.

In view of the foregoing, the prices are defined with the clients step by step after the definition and the evaluation of the specific requirements.